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EMPLOYER UPDATE: Mon. 15th June 2020 - Changes to the Furlough Scheme



The UK government has confirmed the details of the furlough scheme from 1 July 2020 which are as follows:

  1. From 1 July 2020, employers will be able to agree to flexibly furlough employees
  2. This means that employees will be able to work any hours or work pattern and still be eligible to be furloughed for any of their contractual hours they do not work whilst using the flexible scheme
  3. Employers may place employees back onto permanent furlough at any point and then return them to work if you have sufficient demand for work for them
  4. These arrangements must be confirmed in writing and, therefore, you must write to each employee and ask them to sign their agreement to:
  • Place an employee on furlough (please remember that employees must have been furloughed for at least 3 weeks prior to 30 June 2020, unless they are returning from maternity leave etc)
  • Bring an employee back to work under the flexible scheme
  • Amend an employee’s flexible furlough arrangements
  • Place them back onto permanent furlough

Click link for guidance:

The guidance available has useful information about how to process claims and notes that a claim must not be made until you are sure of the number of hours an employee is going to work in the flexible period. The guidance also advises that because the terms of the scheme will change each month from 1 July 2020, claim periods starting on or after 1 July must start and end within the same calendar month. Employers with pay periods which are not consistent with a calendar month should read the guidance carefully and take care when processing claims to ensure that it does not miss out on any deadlines.

Please do not hesitate to contact Pauline: if you wish to discuss any aspect of your apprentice's employment or training. 

Best wishes, The Shears Academy Team

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