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World Mental Health Day - 10th Oct.18

October 2018

World Mental Health Day – feels particularly significant and worthy of attention.

  • Mental health problems are one of the main causes of disease burden worldwide.
  • In the UK approximately one in four people will experience a mental health problem each year.
  • And one in six report experiencing one of the most common problems, such as anxiety and depression, in any given week 

If you feel the need for help, of feel someone you know could benefit from support, please go to

Nadia Murad awarded the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize

October 18

adia Murad, awarded the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize, is the witness who tells of the abuses perpetrated against herself and others. She has shown uncommon courage in recounting her own sufferings and speaking up on behalf of other victims.

Tell leaders that single-use plastics must be reduced!

August 2018

One million plastic bottles are bought every minute. Our planet is being overrun — and something needs to change.

Plastics clog our oceans, harm fisheries and can have detrimental impacts on the health of humans. A big culprit is single-use plastics like drinking straws, bottles, and bags that are unnecessarily polluting our environment and wreaking havoc on ecosystems. Please help with just one click!


Take Action: Be the generation to end extreme poverty! #football #worldcup

July 2018

France's Kylian Mbappé Donates World Cup Earnings to Kids With Disabilities. The 19-year-old powerhouse is a sports hero and a humanitarian. One of the most dynamic French footballers playing today is taking his victory money and paying it forward. Kylian Mbappé, a 19-year-old powerhouse who scored four goals this year as France smashed the World Cup, has announced that he will donate all of his earnings from the tournament to Premiers de Cordée, an organisation that provides free sports instruction to hospitalised kids and children with disabilities, and campaigns on disability awareness with schools and businesses.

The athlete, who was born in Paris is the son of immigrants, his father is from Cameroon and his mother was originally from Algeria.Crowned by ESPN as soccer’s “future king,” Mbappé has been followed closely for his actions on the field as well as his charitable gestures off of it during the World Cup.

The England squad have been donating their match earnings to charity for over a decade

The England national side has, collectively, donated 100% of their match fees to the England Footballers Foundation (EFF) since 2007, according to a statement sent to Global Citizen by the EFF. As a result, the players have raised over £5 million for the charity, which has supported a diverse range of organisations like UNICEF, Help for Heroes, and many more. The boys have also chipped in with over 300 personal appearances at charity events, including a remarkable duet of “Hold Back the River” with hat-wielding popstar JamesBay and former captain Wayne Rooney. "In 2007 the Players’ Committee, consisting of: Gary Neville, David Beckham (then England Captain), Rio Ferdinand, Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, John Terry and Jamie Carragher, established the EFF," a spokesperson told Global Citizen. "It is the vehicle through which England players donate their match fees, and also their time, to support good causes."It’s an incredible gesture, said Gary Lineker of Mbappe’s act, and he and Gary Neville were swift to point out that England’s players have been quietly doing the same for years  and it’s caught a lot of people by surprise

England's World Cup Team would be unrecognisable without immigration

July 2018 - Global Citizen

Nearly half of the England squad were to born to migrant parents.

There are a few things that put the “Great” in Great Britain: Diversity  - Tolerance - Some very decent bands and now we know we are quite good at Football!

It's been an emotional journey, even though it didn't actually come home, it's been an experience that's reminded us …Just who we are as a country!